Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Yet another new podcast!

Hi there readers, a friend named GoldenFri and I have created a podcast. It's currently entitled GoldenSyn Radio Podcast, but will be renamed The Hiiive Radio Podcast to more accurately reflect what it's about for the next episode. Basically, we have a crew that plays music together on a dj website known as, and this podcast is a collection of the best songs from those times. We'll have guest presenters from that crew and the music of the podcast will always be "deep"; so expect dub, techno, chillout, experimental, psy, goa, drum and bass, rock, metal, and dubstep. The show is produced by Synz (me) and, dj-wise, will be mostly unmixed, except for the flow.

Ready to hear the first episode?

Listen now by clicking here.

And, don't forget the dj podcast featuring myself alongside some of the best local dj's with Capitol City Podcast.

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